The Great RVA Yard Sale

IMG_2497 - Version 2

Yesterday, two of my best buddies and I went to the so-called Great RVA Yard Sale.  Holy smokes – what an affair it was, too.  It was a yard sale of epic proportions.  Held at the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s production center just north of town, The Redhead and I were going to rendezvous with The Blonde at the site.  The Blonde got there first and called to let me know to be prepared to park miles (well, maybe not miles exactly – but a loooong ways) from the place.  As we turned into the road, we entered major gridlock.  Luckily, Blondie was up ahead, saw a lady who was getting ready to leave, and was able to hold us a parking space until I could maneuver through the mob to snag it.  I took this as a good sign – it was going to be a good afternoon.

I had gone through all the ads, circled booths of potential interest, and decided where I wanted to start.  It was mobbed.  We finally got to Row F, my chosen beginning point, and almost immediately, we became separated.  That’s ok, we all shop at our own pace, and we are all looking for different things.  Every now and again, I would cross Blondie’s trail, we would compare notes, and move on.  I never saw Red again (despite her new neon carrot-top color) until the final row.

Here are some pictures so you can see the scale of the yard sale.IMG_2490 - Version 2 IMG_2491 - Version 2 IMG_2489 - Version 2 IMG_2493 - Version 2

As you may expect, you could get almost anything you ever wanted (and plenty you never would).  There were diapers, cleaning supplies, and Redskins stuff mixed in with the collectibles and assorted old junk.

IMG_2492 - Version 2

I had a spiffing good time (as Bertie Wooster would say), eventually scoring some vintage ornaments and other goodies as I made my way among the aisles.  It was loads of fun, though a trifle on the warm side on the asphalt parking lot.  I’m pretty excited about some of the treasures that I found to bring to Atlanta in October for the Country Living Fair.

Here is a peek at some of the ornies that I scored.

IMG_2495 - Version 2 IMG_2496 - Version 2Nothing earth shattering but some nice goodies to make things with.  There was not a lot of the old stuff, by and large, so I was really happy that I was able to find a nice selection by the end of the day.

I was really glad that I had thrown my folding wagon in the car at the last moment.  It came in very handy.  It was full to the brim by the time we left.

They are going to do it again in the Spring.  Goody.  I love one-stop shopping.

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