Weekly Photo Challenge: A Study in Contrasts

This week’s challenge is “Contrasts.”  Contrast is one of the most important components of any photograph; changing the level of contrast totally changes the image.  But for this week’s challenge, I decided against employing contrast in the strictly photographic sense but, rather, to show a startling contrast between two images.

In this  case, the two images represent buildings that are directly across the street from each other in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Please click on all the pictures to see them full size, which is so much better.

DSC_0641 - Version 2

This is part of the front of the charming “Blue Church” in Bratislava.  The entire church and its surrounding buildings are blue – completely and totally blue and white.  So is the church’s interior. It is an amazing, captivating bit of decorative architecture.

Yet, if you were to stand on the front steps of this lovely church, this is what you will see right across the narrow street:

DSC_0637 - Version 2A blown out, burned out remnant of the communist era, this is what is left of a housing block.  I can hardly imagine a more stark contrast.

It is remarkable to me that so much beautiful architecture actually survived both the world wars and the communist oppression.  Thank goodness that it did.

The Blue Church was an absolute jewel as was much of Bratislava itself.  Here are some more images of the church for you to enjoy.

Click on this link to see others’ vision of “contrasts.”

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