Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Personally, I’m not much into taking “selfies.”  Really, for every halfway decent image of myself there would probably be a thousand that would stop a bear in its tracks.

So this week’s challenge slowed me down a bit.  But then I got to thinking about something a bit less obvious than snapping an impulsive moment with my cellphone camera.  

One of my favorite posts on this blog was one about self-portraits.  I end up taking my own selfies, though inadvertently, every time I photograph one of my vintage Christmas designs.

So here’s a little game of hide-and-seek for you all.  Can you spy me?

Detail of Angelic Moment
Detail of Angelic Moment


Detail of Scot's Topiary
Detail of Scot’s Topiary

How about here?  And more than once even!

Detail of Christmas Extravaganza
Detail of Christmas Extravaganza

It’s a quad selfie here (at least).  Maybe I ought to win a prize for this one!

Detail of Retro Magic
Detail of Retro Magic

It’s a selfie with an elfie!  Tee hee.

So then I got to thinking that my definition of a “selfie” is “a photo of self taken by said self.”  Right?

Portait of a girl
Portrait of a girl

I’ve been playing around with some digital watercolors.  This is an image of a tabletop arrangement that has a photo of me when I was 17 years old in it.  It’s in the back, behind the little round picture of my beloved Gussie Fink-Nottle (Greatest Cat That Ever Lived).  So there you are: photo of self taken by self.

The end.

Oh, except, if you would like a peek at others’ selfies, click here.

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