Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

object noun |ˈäbjəkt|

1. a material thing that can be seen and touched: he was dragging a large object | small objects such as shells.• 

Philosophy: a thing external to the thinking mind or subject.

My brain is feeling a tad fatigued so these are pretty literal depictions of this week’s theme.  Still, I hope you like them.  Just a little reminder that if you click on them to enlarge they look sooooo much better!

Goggy's CookbookThis is my grandmother Trippe’s cookbook.  It contains her handwritten recipes.  It also has favorite ones she clipped from the newspaper and those that friends sent her.  It is zealously guarded as important family business.  To give you a little idea of its age, my grandmother was born in 1886.  She died in 1978 just shy of her 92nd birthday.

I like the textures here: the tattered composition book on top of the well-worn wooden cutting board.

Moving on, I notice that several of my images this week are garden themed.  Perhaps I am tiring of winter after all.

Olive JarA wonderful olive jar in the garden at Virginia House here in Richmond.

Garden MaidenThe lovely garden maiden in my secret garden.

Camellia Showers, Faun Dreams

This sleeping faun is in another part of the garden.  She dreams amidst fallen camellia blossoms.

The next one is for my Christmas people.

IMG_1286 - Version 2

Yes, you have seen this guy already this week but he cheers me so immensely that I had to bring him back.  He might actually have been perfect for the Juxtaposition theme of last week, positioned as he is in front of that harbinger of spring – the daffodil.

And finally, here is an object of my affection:

Emma PBMy sweet Emma P who loves the snow!

Be sure to check out others’ interpretations of this week’s theme here.

I also posted an entry on my Garden Reverie blog if you have any interest in popping over to it.

Thanks for stopping by!

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

    1. Thanks very much. It has so much sentimental value that I can’t be very objective about it. It’s nice that someone else likes it, too. Thanks for coming back by and keep on drawing your wonderful things, Cackie


  1. Wonderful choices but I really love your grandmother’s cookbook best. First it stirred tons of memories of the little black notebook tests in grade and high school. And second of course, I love the nostalgia of family recipes. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank YOU, Tina, for stopping by to visit and taking the time to share your thoughts. I apreciate it so much, Cackie. And, yes, it gives me the shivers a bit to think about those notebooks in school – not as bad as blue books, though!


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