Let’s Go Ice Dance-ing

Ice Dance

This is “Ice Dance.”  And what a cool number she is.  All soft pinks, blues, and silver with touches of white here and there.

Vintage West German Topper

I started with this fabulous humongous German topper.  A double-decker with multiple indents in sweet baby pink with pale aqua in the indents.  It still has the original little paper tag attached to it that tells me it was made in West Germany.  I was more than a little tempted to keep it for myself.Detail of Ice Dance

Here is a closer look at the top.  Check out those two gorgeous pin art balls!  Other treasures include the Peace on Earth stencil from Shiny Brite, the big pink and blue German ornie next to it, and the really old pale blue clear glass teardrop with silver tinsel inside (WWII era).  Detail of Ice DanceThis is a detail of the left side of the wreath.  I love the teal ball with pink indent and the little white Merry Christmas stencil perched just next to an adorable tiny putz cottage.Detail of Ice Dance

If you look really closely at this picture you might barely be able to spy a bit of the paper sticker on the base of the topper.  There is a pretty corsage with white and aqua sugar bells and a darling white deer.  I stuck an old icicle light cover on to reiterate the icy theme.  That’s old crinkle aluminum tinsel garland dripping off the bottom.Detail of Ice DanceAn even closer look and you can see one of my coveted “He Was Chubby & Plump” pale pink balls on the left (the back side has a stencil of Santa on it).  I parse them out like they are gold ingots.  But I had a feeling this wreath was going to be really special so I pulled out the stops.  Do you like it?Detail of Ice Dance

Ice Dance is about 20 inches in diameter, not including stuff that sticks out or drips.  It comes with a nice zippered storage bag to keep her safely tucked away in (but not in your attic, please!).  She is currently listed in my Etsy shop.  If you live near Richmond, Virginia, you can see her in person; she is hanging in my space inside Crossroads Art Center though she won’t be there long!

The Glittermoon Shop inside Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, Virginia
The Glittermoon Shop inside Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, Virginia

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