New Stuff

Gosh, the time is going by so quickly and I can’t believe September is right around the corner!!  Believe it or not though, I have been designing some new Christmas cards for the Glittermoon Cards line. So, I’ve been a little lax about posting but I haven’t been lax about thinking up new ideas and collecting some fan-tab-u-lous stuff!

Like this loopy Santa ornament.  Isn’t he wonderful?  IMG_0788

He’s Italian.  I love the Italian figural ornaments, there is something about them that sets them apart.  I have a bunch of them in my personal collection and I get a kick every year when I pull them out to put on the tree.

Even better, he was just one of several in the box.  I was so excited to win this on eBay!  Check it out.IMG_0787 - Version 2

Aren’t they all great?  Who cares if Santa’s lost an eye.  I’ll fix him right up.  And those adorable little angels.  Cute as buttons.IMG_0784 - Version 2

And look at this other box I won from the  same dealer!  These guys are so different from anything I have used in my wreaths and I can’t wait to have some fun.

IMG_0785 - Version 2Oh my gosh, this little choirgirl sends me over the top.  I might have a problem parting with her if I am being perfectly honest.  Don’t hold it against me, ok?  Tell you what, though, if you want me to make you something with her on it, just say the word and she’s yours!

IMG_0562While I am on an Italian jag, check out this topper.  I showed him to you earlier in the year.  Now he is on my list to make something with pretty soon.

I spent the afternoon unpacking, sorting, and putting away boxes and boxes of new treasures.  Can’t wait to get started!!

I’ll be back in touch in a few days.  Until then, have a wonderful night.

6 thoughts on “New Stuff

    1. Dear Pat, I would love to make you one! In fact, I just picked up a Santa with sleigh last weekend when I was out hunting. If you would please go to my “Contact Me” page and email me, then we can chat about it. If you can, let me know which wreath you saw (they all have names). I have made several with a Santa and sleigh. No two are ever alike though because of the nature of vintage ornaments and what sort of mood I am in at the time! Have a wonderful night and thank you! Cackie


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