A New Wreath and a Teensy Favor

This is “PINK MOON.

Isn’t she a beauty?

I will be taking her, and a bevy of others, with me tomorrow when I shove off for Atlanta, GA and the Country Living Fair.  She can be yours if you come to the Fair!

In the meantime, Country Living Magazine has put up a special board on Pinterest.  It is called “Country Living Fair: Atlanta Dealers’ Favorite Items.”  Click here to go there.

The item that gets the most “Likes” will win an exclusive meeting with Sarah Gray Miller, the editor-in-chief of Country Living Magazine.

Pink Moon is pictured on the board.  You see where this is going, right?

Please visit, and if you do in fact like her, I would appreciate your clicking on that “LIKE” button ever so much.  Repins and comments are lovely, too.  But it is the “Like”-ing part that is the important one.  And if you really like it, then share it with all your friends!  The votes –  er I mean “Like’s” – have to be in by the first day of the Fair, Friday October 26th.

I can’t promise you a chicken in every pot but I know someone who would be very grateful.  Wish us luck!  And thank you!


Meet Me at the Fair!

I have been telling you all that I am getting ready to head south for the Country Living Fair in Atlanta.  Lift-off is scheduled for the day after tomorrow!  So while I scramble to get everything in place and packed, I want to treat you to a little slideshow of last year’s fair.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Glittermoon will be in the same spot as last year: Dogwood Trail, Booth # D41-43, directly next to the Country Living subscription tent.  Come visit us and see all our goodies.  I hope to see you there!

Panic Mode! And a Teaser….

I know that it has been a little while since my last post but I am up to my eyeballs getting ready for two really big shows which, naturally, are back to back and which, again naturally, both involve having lots of Vintage Christmas.

Consequently, I have been working the elves (that would be me) overtime out there in Santa’s workshop.  The results are (if I do say so myself) quite spectacular.  I have not had the time to photograph the new stuff but once I get a couple more under my belt I will bombard you with images.

Next Wednesday, I leave for the Country Living (Magazine) Fair in Atlanta!  I had hoped to write a post and show you pictures of last year’s Fair which was amazing.  If I can squeeze it in before I go, I will certainly do it because I love to share the massive amount of creativity that is displayed there. In the meantime, visit the show website and take a peek.

Immediately upon my return from Atlanta on the 29th, I have an exclusive showing of Glittermoon Vintage Christmas at Seasons of Williamsburg’s Holiday Open House in historic Williamsburg, VA.  I need to have beaucoup product for that, too.  Oh, and did I mention that this weekend I am doing a 2-day art show here in Richmond?  See why I am not sleeping so good at the moment?

But I do want to leave you with a little teaser.  This wonderful Santa tree topper is the centerpiece for one of the new wreaths.  I put the Diet Coke can next to it so you can see how big it is.  The finished wreath is a lollapalooza.  This is what one of my friends remarked upon seeing it: “Spectacular!!!!! It looks like Christmas threw up! I love it. You could call it No Grinch Here!!”

And so, dear readers, I leave you to get back to work.  I’ll be back with pictures soon!

Mood Beautiful

“If you ignore beauty, you will soon

find yourself without it.

But if you invest in beauty,

it will remain with you

all the days of your life.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

Mainly Maine

Time for a teeny break from Christmas.

I’m in the mood to share some of my favorite images from my recent road trip to Maine with a little side trip to Mystic, CT on the way home to Richmond.

This is the charming entry to my cousin Sally’s home in Wiscasset.

American Greeting

Also seen in Wiscasset:

Maine Tool Shed

Pemaquid Light.  I love this image.  The color blocks and the textures send me.

Red, White, and Blue

Also, at Pemaquid.  The vastness of the sea just beyond.

Vast Horizon

From inside Pemaquid Lighthouse.  I have a thing for window views.  The sailboat out on the ocean makes this image for me.

Ocean View

Beautiful and simple lines converge here, at the dock in Mystic.


A lovely and evocative sunset in Portland.

Lobster Shack Sunset

Fantastic textures and the haphazard splash of orange paint makes it one of my favorites.

Orange Paint

Again, the textures and the colors are just tremendous. On a glorious late summer day in Mystic.

Clam Shack

Through the window at a farm stand in Maine.  Serene.

Rooster & Shoe

The name says it all:

Eye on the Ocean

A study in whites.


I like this even though it makes me think of Alfred Hitchcock.

Gull Cottage

I think Andrew Wyeth should have painted this.  Perhaps he did.

Checked Curtains

Back to that gull on the clam shack in Mystic.  I love the fishing net inside the window.

Sentry Gull

And I leave you with this iconic sunset picture.  I hope you enjoyed the trip!

Portland Sunset

Think Pink!

It all started with this:I have been in a fever to use one of these fabulous pink jumbo triple indent Polish ornaments as the centerpiece for a wreath.

And here ’tis:A phantasmagoria of a wreath in luscious pinks, both hot and cool at the same time.   It has blues and soft whites mixed in to sweeten the palette.  There are so many treasures making up this wreath.  Let’s look a bit closer.

Left side of “Think Pink” wreath

On the top is an arrangement of fantastic stuff: an adorable aqua & pink Putz house with a frolicking reindeer on the roof and an old figural blown glass Santa centered on a light reflector.  Underneath Santa, we have a sweet Jewlbrite diorama.

Right side of “Think Pink”

And on the top right is another jumbo Poland ornament, this one a teardrop in pink and white with a gold painted floral decoration.  Further on down are lots of wonderful balls in cool tones.  There is a Junior Achievement corsage at bottom right.  It was still in its original wrapper.

Bottom of “Think Pink”

A comprehensive view of the wreath’s bottom half.  I really love the hot pink Shiny Brite ball that has the bell and “Christmas Greetings” stenciled on it.

Detail of the top of “Think Pink”

Here is a closer view of the top.  I had a hard time giving up that tiny hot pink ball with the chartreuse indent.  It’s German, incidentally.

Detail of a bottom portion of “Think Pink”

This is a close up featuring that sweet corsage and the pink Shiny Brite.  But there is also that wonderful scenic ball with the church on it nestled next to another Polish teardrop indent.

Another view of the right side of “Think Pink”

It is hard to single out the treats when there are so many.  I really like the creamy Merry Christmas ball .  That’s a great striped Shiny Brite indent right next to it.

The jumbo Polish triple indent that started it all

And here is that showstopper of an ornament that first got me going.  It is way bigger than my hand.  That’s vintage aluminum garland dripping out from behind it with a hot pink pick to complete the statement.

I’m going to leave you with a final super close-up of old Santa, his reindeer, and the house they are visiting on Christmas Eve.  Look, it is even decked out with a tiny wreath to welcome us in.

“Think Pink” measures about 20″ in diameter but that does not include the drippy stuff or the picks which stick out in several spots.  I think she is a stunner and I can’t wait to see her hanging in someone’s home for Christmas this year.  Perhaps yours?