Panic Mode! And a Teaser….

I know that it has been a little while since my last post but I am up to my eyeballs getting ready for two really big shows which, naturally, are back to back and which, again naturally, both involve having lots of Vintage Christmas.

Consequently, I have been working the elves (that would be me) overtime out there in Santa’s workshop.  The results are (if I do say so myself) quite spectacular.  I have not had the time to photograph the new stuff but once I get a couple more under my belt I will bombard you with images.

Next Wednesday, I leave for the Country Living (Magazine) Fair in Atlanta!  I had hoped to write a post and show you pictures of last year’s Fair which was amazing.  If I can squeeze it in before I go, I will certainly do it because I love to share the massive amount of creativity that is displayed there. In the meantime, visit the show website and take a peek.

Immediately upon my return from Atlanta on the 29th, I have an exclusive showing of Glittermoon Vintage Christmas at Seasons of Williamsburg’s Holiday Open House in historic Williamsburg, VA.  I need to have beaucoup product for that, too.  Oh, and did I mention that this weekend I am doing a 2-day art show here in Richmond?  See why I am not sleeping so good at the moment?

But I do want to leave you with a little teaser.  This wonderful Santa tree topper is the centerpiece for one of the new wreaths.  I put the Diet Coke can next to it so you can see how big it is.  The finished wreath is a lollapalooza.  This is what one of my friends remarked upon seeing it: “Spectacular!!!!! It looks like Christmas threw up! I love it. You could call it No Grinch Here!!”

And so, dear readers, I leave you to get back to work.  I’ll be back with pictures soon!

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