A Friend Indeed

Temptation alert: a Christmas shop!

This is OLD WORLD ACCENTS in the Carytown area of Richmond, VA and it is owned by a friend of mine whose name is Jill Pillow.  Isn’t this an inviting entryway?  It is in a 2-story building which once was a photography studio owned by two brothers and before that it was somebody’s home.  Lots of Carytown’s shops are like this; very eclectic and fun.  Let’s go in.

I have gotten into a lot of trouble in this shop over the years, believe me.

And this is Jill.  She started up in September 1996 after she had a dream!  In her dream, Jill saw a cart with Christmas ornaments dangling from the center of it.  She had just left her job as a sales rep; she travelled 5 states for 15 years until she was simply burned out.  It’s during that time that I met her.  I was a buyer for some of the stuff she was selling when I was in the camera/photography biz.

She began with a cart in a local mall.  The cart was a test to see if blown glass ornaments and German wood items would sell.  They did!  So in May 1997, she opened her first brick-and-mortar shop and has been going ever since.

Jill is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and I will tell you one reason why I think so.  If you look at this picture (which is what you see immediately upon entering the shop), you can see one of my Glittermoon Vintage Christmas wreaths hanging right above the tree.
She has been terrifically supportive and enthusiastic over my little endeavor.  She loves the old, vintage ornaments, too.  When I approached her about the possibility of her having a couple of wreaths in the shop, she did not hesitate.  So, I took the two I currently have available in for her to look at and she hung them up right away.  Before I could even open my mouth to discuss consignment percentages, etc., she said, “Cackie, if you want $250 for a wreath, then I am going to sell it for $250.”  She doesn’t want ANYTHING for herself!  How selfless is that?!?
That’s just the way she is.
Here are some pictures so you can see all of the goodies she has for your Christmas shopping delight.
These are ornaments in the “Jill Pillow Collection” which Jill has made in Germany. They are reproductions of vintage ones for the most part.
A wonderful traditional German wooden house.
This is Pippi Longstocking. Isn’t she adorable! She is one of a group of German ornaments which are made to appear 100 years old. They are hand painted and blown using traditional methods.
German smokers.
The Christopher Radko wall. Remember this is July. This wall explodes with ornaments in the Fall.
Fantastic handmade Santa’s by a lady in Ohio whose name escapes me at the moment. Jill can tell you though!
Christmas villages and everything you ever need for them, too.
Here is another Glittermoon Vintage Christmas wreath hanging in the stairway to the 2nd floor!

This is just a little sampling of all the delights awaiting you at Old World Accents.  And if you are from out of town, here is a link to Jill’s website.  Check it out.

The two Glittermoon wreaths will be visiting Jill’s shop until September 1st if you would like to see them in person.  That is if they do not go to a new home before then.  Oh, and you can be sure that I will make sure Jill comes away with something for doing me such a lovely favor.  A friend indeed.

6 thoughts on “A Friend Indeed

  1. Loved seeing more of the inside of the store. I agree w/ Cackie, Jill is a great person to shop with. Even though I have never been able to visit the store in person, Jill always makes sure I get what I need (want) : ) I’ve shopped with her for the last couple of years, it’s always a joy. Jill really puts forth much effort to make her store different from every other Christmas store that is around. Thanks Jill, and thanks Cackie for the putting Jill’s store in the spot light.
    Austin, TX


    1. Well, John, I think you win the long distance prize for shopping in Richmond! That’s fantastic that you shop at Old World Accents And I bet it is a story in itself as to how you found her. Oddly enough, if you read the previous post on the blog you will see the topiary that I just made for another Austin fellow. You guys must love Christmas down there! Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you’ll come back to visit often.


      1. Small world. I thought I was the only one thinking about Christmas when it is 100 degrees outside. I bet he has some neat stuff too. Loved the topiary you made for him. Have a great summer.


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