‘Tis the Season

A few odds and ends currently hanging in the workshop

Now that we are the tail end of October, in what seems to be typical fashion, there are many things colliding at once in the world of Glittermoon Vintage Christmas.

Waaay back in the spring I announced that I had received a very large commission but I was not able to share a lot of details at that point. The time has finally come.

I am very happy that, for the eighth year, Glittermoon Vintage Christmas wreaths will have a presence on the Beekman 1802 Holiday website. Their theme this year is “Jingle All Ways.” As you might imagine, bells feature prominently; most if not all of these wreaths have bells on them.

20 wreaths will be going online at Beekman1802.com sometime in the first week of November, plus 1 that will be hanging in their flagship Merchantile in Sharon Springs, NY for a total of 21 wreaths altogether.

Have a look…

Click on an image to enlarge it.

I am not sure exactly what day they are launching these so you might want to start checking their website every day that week. I am hoping that I will get an advance notice with specifics which I will pass on via social media first because it is more suited to instantaneous news. I do hope that you are following along there. I’ll try to give you a heads up here as well if I can so please stay tuned!

I know it has been an extradinarily long time since I have written but, let’s face it, it has been (another) extradinary year. Not necessarily in a good way but we are still here. And very grateful indeed to be so. Basically, we have continued to live in lockdown mode, especially when the Delta variant reared its ugly head. Sadly, we had hoped that with the introduction of a safe and effective vaccine, Covid would now be in the rear view window. But it is not.

Fortunately, Mr Transplant was able to get a booster shot in September and I was able to snag one this past Friday. We are very relieved about that.

I am especially happy to boost my immue system since I have an actual show coming up! Yes! We can see each other in person!!! I’ll be back – hopefully tomorrow – with all the details about that.

So, please look for more news in this space!

In the meantime, please stay safe and well out there… Christmas is coming!

I will leave you with a few shots of how my workshop is looking at the moment…it is crammed to the brim with all sorts of treasures.

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Once again you’ve outdone yourself!! I’m in the middle of a major move so for this Christmas season looking at other’s pretties will have to do. But I will pull out your book and admire all lovely photos. I wish you and hubby safe and healthy holiday season and blessed new year!

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    1. Dear Peggy, Thank you so much for reaching out with your lovely compliment. I do not envy you one bit as far as moving goes – it is a nighttmare for me to contemplate even. Best of luck with it! Thanks also for your well wishes and I send the same back to you! Cackie


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