2020 Strikes Again

Lillie Rose Magnolia sums it up perfectly

If you follow me on social media, you already know that Mr Transplant has been in the hospital since Thanksgiving morning. As I write this it is Day 19 of this unpleasant, frightening journey.

The very clever Christmas Tree in the ICU – look closely

Our Thanksgiving began with a fever of 103.9 (he felt perfectly fine when he went to bed the night before). I’m going to make a long and agonizing story short for you. We went from the ER to a Covid Unit (mercifully, he did NOT have Covid – it took two negative tests to be sure). As if that were not scary enough, the hospital is so full (PLEASE people wear your masks, wash your hands, social distance, STAY HOME, and all the other things the medical and scientific community is begging you to do now!) that it took a few days for a bed to open up in another non-Covid unit. The infection was under control after a few days but other complications and concerns popped up; last Monday he ended up in the ICU for a couple of days. Now he is back in a regular unit and, God willing, will be home in the next day or two. I am crossing every finger and toe I have.

Of course, this meant that everything else ground to a sudden halt. I have not been able to work for these 3 weeks now and I am really sad about that. Sad because it makes me intensely happy to be out in my workshop making something that someone will, hopefully, cherish for many Christmases to come and because when my creative juices are flowing, all is right with the world.

However, I hope to be back at work as soon as I can. It may not be until after Christmas, I don’t know. Hopefully, there will still be interest at that point. I just do not feel as though I am done for this year yet and I’d like to salvage something happy to end this challenging 2020 on.

Two of last year’s trees. It will be quite different in 2020

I have not done a lick of decorating yet. I’m sure you know how important that is. We had already figured on a slimmed down version this year due to Miss Lillie Rose and her wild kitten routine. My beautiful old and antique glass ornaments will be getting another year’s beauty sleep. They will look all the better for it when I open them up next December. I’ve got a plan for this Christmas, though, and I am looking very forward to seeing how it turns out. I will post pictures on Instagram and Facebook as things progress. Be sure to follow along.

Of course, I have not done any shopping either….but I think that will work out ok in the end, too. The people I have to mail things to might enjoy a little late Christmas. After all, there are 12 days, right?

I’ll be back when I have news. In the meantime, I hope you all are counting your blessings. I know I am.

8 thoughts on “2020 Strikes Again

    1. Dear Violet, Thank you so much for your kindness and for affirming that it is ok to be late! It will have to be ok this year – but I am pretty sure people can roll with it at this point. I hope you are staying safe and well! Cackie

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  1. Good luck with everything Cackie! Blessings to Mr. T. Just so ya know – my fabulous Posh wreath, is getting another year of beauty sleep too. We are having lots of reno going on, so afraid to bust it out. It’s a show stopper. I will never forget you meeting me in the parking lot a the Garden Place to pick it up. It brings me intense joy each and every year….


    1. I will never forget that meeting either, Gray. I actually think of it every now and then. Brings up a lot of feelings. I am so happy that you still love that Posh wreath – it is one of my favorites for sure (you may already know that since it is the background for my marketing pieces!). Great color combination suggested by you! Hope the reno goes smoothly…I know what that is like. My upstairs is a mess from working on one tiny room that has taken forever in this weird year. Now it will be after Christmas before I get it back together. Oh, well – worse things can happen and it’s just as well we have no houseguests coming for Christmas! xoxo, C


  2. Warms my heart to know your husband is doing so much better and will be home in a few days! What a year 2020 has been! NEXT Christmas you can truly deck your halls!


    1. Thank you so much, Kathy, for your continued good wishes! He came home last night – weak as a kitten and anxious not to go back! Hopefully, in a couple of days, he will get his legs under him again. Merry Christmas to you!


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