2019 Edition of My Book


I’ve just listed the 2019 edition of my book in the GlittermoonCards Etsy shop!


This is a **REVISED EDITON** for 2019. It features some of my favorites from 2011 until 2019.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THE 2018 EDITION, THIS ONE HAS MUCH OF THE SAME CONTENT but I did rotate some images out to show some newer pieces. In additon, the cover design has changed, there is a new image on the introduction page, and the last page is different.

A few years ago I made a portfolio in book form to take to shows so people could see a more in-depth view of what I make in Glittermoon Vintage Christmas. People started asking me if they could buy it. So I finally decided to print up a special edition for sale. The first edition came out in 2018.

Back Cover


The hardbound book is in full color and measures 8×8 inches with 20 pages. There are approximately 75 color illustrations plus a brief introduction. All the photography was done by me. Both the cover and the pages are glossy. Please refer to the photos to see sample page layouts.


I went through hundreds of images from the past 9 years and picked out some of my favorites to include. It was hard to leave so many out, though, in the end!
At any rate, I hope you will enjoy it!
Click here to go directly to the book!

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