Atlanta Bound

Glittermoon Booth at Country Living Fair Atlanta 2018

Here we go again…we are off to Atlanta for the Country Living Fair tomorrow! This is my eighth year (!) and, just between us, it’s likely my last one. So, I do hope you can make it this time!

I will be back in my usual spot: Booth #D38-40 on D-Loop. The forecast is not looking great but we will be prepared for it so don’t worry! Just bring your raincoat and rubber boots and all will be well. If the rain chances stay at 50% or less, as they are now, I think it will all be hunky dory.

I’m on a mad tear trying to get everything ready so this will be brief but I did want to share with you the vintage Christmas that I will be bringing with me.

I’ve got 5 wreaths, 1 large centerpiece, and 2 others,  plus about 100 Christmas Canapés for your shopping pleasure. Without further ado, take a peek.

First up are the wreaths:

Angelic Christmas Wreath
Holiday Glitter Wreath
Holiday Glitter Wreath
Polar Ice Wreath
Old Blue Eyes Wreath
Santa’s Gold Boot Wreath

And this is the large Topiary centerpiece:

Fabulous Fantasia
Fabulous Fantasia

And this is the smallest one:


And this is just a small sampling of the 100 plus Christmas Canapes I am bringing with me:

Safe travels to you! Let me know if you are coming!





10 thoughts on “Atlanta Bound

  1. Good luck with your show in Atlanta! Unfortunately a little far for me to travel from CT this time! Your wreaths and all other items you showed are wonderful!
    Also, I am interested in your new book and would like to order 2 copies. One is for me and the other as a gift.
    Have a great show!

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    1. Hi, Deb! Yes, that is a bit far to come! Thank you very uch for your nice compliments! I would lvoe for you to have a couple of books – thank you! I will be listing them in the Etsy shop sometime next week when I get back. If you follow along on social media, I will announce it then. This, just in case, I forget to come back here to check (entirely possible – my brain seems to be running on fumes right now!) Please feel free to remind me! Thank you and best wishes, Cackie


    1. Ooh – whee – the jackpot! How wonderful. Thank you! I will let you know status – but if you do not hear from me, please feel free to get in touch after I get home next Tuesday! Hugs, Cackie


    1. How exciting for you, Kathy! That one (the one in the photo with the Scottie, right?) is packed and in the van. I will try to remember to hold it aside for you when I get there. If I have a terrible brain clouud, I actually have 2 more wedding cake toppers here at home that I have not made into anything yet. One is quite old chalkware, vintage WWI! I can always do another one. But I will do my best to keep it for you. Thank you so much, Cackie


  2. Beautiful things! I’m very impressed. Unfortunately, being up near the Canadian border, it will be impossible for me to come. Is there anything like this in upstate NY that you know of? SharynFurman

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    1. Hi, Sharyn! Thank you so much for writing and yes, you a re a distance away! If you are familiar with Beekman 1802 in Sharon Springs, NY, I will have 4 wreaths go on their online Holiday shop on air about October 30th. You can shop form home! Conversely, I will be putting other things up for sale between now and Christmas so stay tuned on that score as well. Best wishes, Cackie


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