Gearing up for Atlanta

I’m madly getting ready for the Country Living Fair in Atlanta which is almost upon us! Now it’s time to get organized and packed up to leave first thing Wednesday morning.

I wanted to share with you some of what I will be taking with me this time. First up are the wreaths. There are 7 of them!

Sherwood Forest
Pink Princess
Pink Princess
Church Bells
Church Bells
Pink Persuasion
Pink Persuasion
Santa Doll
Santa Doll
Drum Major
Drum Major
Angel Pearl
Angel Pearl

There is also a topiary centerpiece in bright multicolors:

Jewel Box
Jewel Box

AND…I have been making Tiny Topiaries (or Christmas Canapés 😊)  like crazy.  I have well over 100 of them!!

Here is just a random sampling:

An army of little Toby jugs…


Dogs, dogs, and more dogs (and these are only a few of them!)…


Something for your Thanksgiving – or Christmas – table…


And a great miscellany of other subjects….


Remember…this is just a smidgen of what I will be bringing!

Plus, I will also have a large group of vintage Christmas collectibles, ornaments, and ornament boxes for sale! This is only an inkling…


In addition, I will have a bunch of other fun vintage collectibles curated just for you, including a really nice selection of Tartanware/Scotch Plaid things.

Of course, Glittermoon Cards will have a strong presence as well!

And finally, I just received another box of my new book so I will have plenty of those, too! Yippee! For those of you who kindly asked me to save you a copy: if you are not going to the Fair, I will be contacting you shortly after my return. Probably around the first of November or so.  I have been knocked out by how many of you want a copy. Thank you so very much. I am truly humbled.

Okay, I’ve got to go now…I still have a couple of hundred cards to package….

Oh, and if you’ve a mind to, please send positive word to the weather gods for me. The forecast right now is not looking too good. I had hoped after the dreadful weather we had last year that it would have gotten it out of its system. But no – there is a very good chance of rain (my big enemy!!) all weekend!! Nooooooooooo…..

I’m trying to think positive….

By the way, I am back in my usual spot on Dogwood Trail (though they have changed the booth numbers this year). Check out your map when you get there. It’s booth #D38-40.

I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow along!

See you at the Fair!

10 thoughts on “Gearing up for Atlanta

    1. Hi, Kathy! Thanks for wanting the book! I will let you know when I’ve got them ready to go! As for purchasing, I can ship to Texas so if you see something, be sure to email me at What I have shown here is committed to the show but no doubt there will be some left at the end. And, also, I’ve got lots more to make this fall so more will be coming! Thank you for your continued support – I appreciate it very much. Cackie


  1. your creations are breathtaking. have made a few wreaths for friends, but sadly not as gorgeous. what kind of glue do you use. where can i get your book? thank you. Edie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Edie-Thank you very much for the wonderful compliment! I use high temp hot glue.

      As for my book, if you go to the green menu bar at the top of the page, you will see “SHOP.” Click on the little carrot thingy and you will see an option for ordering my book. Easy Peasy! Best wishes, Cackie


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