Never Say Never….


IMG_3979 - Version 2
My friend Carol (l) and me freezing our buns off at the CL Fair in 2017


SO, remember last year when I told you that my trip to the Country Living Fair Atlanta would be my last one?

Well, guess what? It turns out it wasn’t.

Yup, we had such a good time last fall that I’ve decided to do it again. 😊

Considering that it poured rain and then nearly froze us to death (we each had on about 10 layers of clothes on Sunday – with the wind chill it was 30 degrees!), that’s saying something.


But we shall return!

I’m telling you now so that you can hurry and make your hotel reservations. Last year, the rooms went quickly and early. I had to struggle to find one in July. This year, I have opted for an Airbnb rental instead of a hotel. I’ve never tried one before but this one looks great and it is close to the Park. Fingers crossed that it will work out just fine.

So, mark your calendars and make your plans! I’ll be waiting for you in my usual spot with lots of goodies.

Life has been pretty higgledy-piggledy for the past few months but I promise to get back soon and fill you in. I have exciting news for you!

And my workshop space has been turned upside down for a few different things the past couple of months but it’s all finished as of today (I finally have some A/C out there to get me throught the summer!!) and I hope to get in there and get things put back together this week. Then I can really get busy. I’m chomping at the bit.

You can click on the photo below to go to the website for all the info (including hotels) you need!


Back soon! I hope you are having a great summer!

2 thoughts on “Never Say Never….

    1. Oh, Kathy…it is soooo far away for me to bring my stuff to sell so I do not think it will happen. 😓I am so sorry. However, I have always wanted to come to Round Top to shop! I now have a niece in Dallas and perhaps I can make that happen in the not too distant future. Perhaps you could make the trip to Atlanta? Best wishes to you, Cackie


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