The Colors of Christmas

Colors of Christmas (1)
The Colors of Christmas

This is wreath #2 of the 5 I will be taking with me to the Country Living Fair next week and it is called The Colors of Christmas.

The reason for the name is that I decided to try out a new technique, namely putting the color on in blocks rather than dispersed throughout the wreath. I began with blue on the upper left, segued to a touch of gold and magenta, then on to a nice block of green finishing up with red at top right. I like the way it turned out.

Of course, the star of the show is none less than that fabulous Santa tree topper on top.  What a great face he has! So friendly – I cannot imagine any little kid being scared by this guy, can you?

In addition, there are lots of other goodies: Shiny Brites and Polands, wonderful indents, a gorgous gradient green German ball on the bottom, Jewelbrites, bells, and a cool little corsage.  I added some picks and a nice blue teardrop on top as well as dots of blue and silver foil garland as accents. Red beaded garland swoops along the bottom.  It’s about as Christmassy as you can get.

Have a look at more photos with more detail. Please click on them to enlarge so you can see better.

This week I’ve been focussing on making little delights for the Fair.

IMG_3902 - Version 2

I quickly snapped this one with my phone so it’s not a good picture but this guy really charms me.  The base is an old ceramic log planter. What could be more perfect than an owl salt shaker dressed up in a Santa hat to sit on it?  There will be lots (I mean lots!) more adorables for your shopping pleasure.  As always, everything looks better in person than in pictures – even my good pictures.

Have a great night everyone!

2 thoughts on “The Colors of Christmas

    1. thanks, Ann! I am so looking forward to meeting you and Jan as well. I decided not to post pics of the topiary centerpieces so you can be surprised (besides they look better in person). I’ve made 3 of those. And I’m now working on LOTS of little treasures. xo


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