Mistletoe Mart This Week!

I’m in the final stages of getting ready for one of my favorite shows, The Mistletoe Mart in Westminster, MD.  The show runs this Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 10 – 12 and is at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension right in the historic downtown area.  Hours are Thursday and Friday from 10-8; Saturday is from 10-4:30. If you are anywhere near the  DC/Baltimore area, you might consider making the trip!  I wrote all about it here a couple of years ago.

I dropped by to quickly show you a few new things that I will be taking to the show.

First up are 2 new wreaths in glorious multicolored palettes:

Holiday Bazaar Wreath
Blue Rocket Wreath

And here are some of the new little things I have made recently:

In addition to Vintage Christmas, I will have the full compliment of Glittermoon Cards (including Christmas cards) as well as my original photography.  My booth will again be located in the Great Hall (where you enter) but I’m in a different spot this time around.

I hope you can make it to Westminster. I’d love to see you!

Have a great night, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Mistletoe Mart This Week!

  1. I have a question–do you ever construct these for people who already have the planters? For example, I have some vintage planters that were my grandmother’s (a cat, a small dog with cart, etc). I was wondering if you do an of this work within someone’s planter they provide. Thank you!


    1. Hi, Sharon,
      To date I have not done that but I guess there is always a first time. Unless you are local (Richmond, VA) it would involve shipping to and fro. I would not be able to do anything this year – I’m just overwhelmed with orders but maybe after the first of the year. Hope this helps. Thanks for writing! Cackie


  2. would you consider selling me the think of me and remember me cups, I collect the motto cups, you could take them to the show and send after 


    1. Hi, Nancy, I did not know that! They are already packed but if they survive the show, I would be glad for oyu to have them. I do also have a couple more of those cups I have not done anything with. I will definitely run them by you before I put them out on the market (once I make them, that is!). xo,


  3. Ma’am, is the tea cup with snowman inside still available for purchase? I love love love it! It would be an awesome profile photo for my @TweetTea twitter at Christmastime. Sarah


    1. Hi, Sarah!
      I am pretty sure that that little fellow has been sold, however, I do have a few others that are in old teacups. A couple of them are in my Etsy shop right now. Here is a link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlittermoonCards?ref=hdr_shop_menu.

      I have some other little things that I have not listed yet in the shop, too, and there might be a teacup in that bunch. If you like, I can send you photos. Just let me know! I will also double check on the one that you wrote about to be sure. Thanks so much for writing!

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