New Listings in the Etsy Shop!

Happy Friday!

Just dropping by to quickly let you know that I am in the process of listing 7 wreaths and 1 topiary centerpiece in my Etsy Shop!

Here’s what you will find there (they will be dribbling in over the next few days – I’ve got 3 of them listed as I write this and am getting ready to add another).

Click on the images to see them larger.

Happy shopping!

Hope you have a fantabulous weekend!

4 thoughts on “New Listings in the Etsy Shop!

    1. Hi, Dalia! Thank you very much for your interest in my wreaths! First, I hope that you and your family are well and did not suffer too much damage last fall from that horrible storm.

      I do not, as a matter of course, ship outside of the lower 48 US states. This is because I am fearful of potential damage. Probably, if you wanted to consider going ahead, I would have a shipper pack and mail it to you (this way they are responsible if there is any damage in shipping) – I fear the expense will be quite great. Most likely in excess of $100 – right now, it costs about $100 to ship one to California, which is why I am guessing that. Just want to let you know all that up from.

      If you want to go ahead anyway, please email me ( and we can discuss.

      Thank you so much and I send you my very best wishes, Cackie


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