Earth Day Event

Hi, everyone!  Just a quick post to let you know that, yes, I have been squeezing in some time between working on taxes (yup – still not done – don’t ask) and driving the Mister to doctor’s appointments (he is doing much better, thank you) to make new things in the workshop – yay! – AND that I will be showing new things this coming Sunday, April 24, at Crossroads Art Center here in Richmond.


This event is in honor of Earth Day and some of the 225 artists-in-residence will be showing work featuring the Creative Recycle + Reuse theme.  Hours are from 12 – 4.  There will be other activies as well, including a farmers market in the parking lot.

Since Glittermoon Vintage Christmas is the ultimate recycler/reuser it seems an appropriate event, don’t you think?

Here is what I will be bringing:

Christmas Tapestry Wreath
Christmas Tapestry Wreath
Springtime at Christmas
Springtime at Christmas Wreath
Golden Halo Topiary
Golden Halo Topiary Centerpiece
It's Red Wreath © Glittermoon Vintage Christmas 2016
It’s Red Wreath
Santa's Ski Party
Santa’s Ski Party Wreath

I really hope you can make it!  I’d love to see you.



I am also pretty far along with another wreath featuring this sweet angel.  I’ve been saving her for ages but now I am ready to let her fly the nest.

Here is how she is looking so far:




5 thoughts on “Earth Day Event

    1. Thank you, Maryann. Yes, God willing, I will be back in Rhinebeck in June! (keeping fingers crossed that the Mister will be in good enough shape by then to leave) I hope to see you there! Cackie


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