Snow Day!

IMG_3314 - Version 2We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning.  The world around us had magically become a beautiful fairyland, reminding me a little of Narnia.IMG_3313As you can see, Emma P Buttercup was enjoying herself.IMG_3255

We went for walkies.

IMG_3286 - Version 2

Here’s how the ‘hood looked this morning.IMG_3312

Cute overload.

The other 4-legged member of the household remained nonplussed.

IMG_3238 - Version 3And look what came in the mail this week!!!


I can’t wait to get through with paperwork, show applications, and taxes (u.g.h.) and get back to some creating.  Time needs to slow down a bit for me.

I don’t mind the winter weather.  It’s nice to have to stay indoors sometimes.  Though I confess, I am thankful not to live in Buffalo.

Stay safe and warm everyone!  And treat yourself to a nice cuppa cocoa…or perhaps something a wee bit stronger.


It’s not too early to get your tickets!  Hope to see you in Nashville this April!


9 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Well honey I do live upstate NY & it not pretty! But I always feel like you when that first snowfall comes! Enjoy! What I wouldn’t give to walk out to the mailbox to get ornaments like that!! They are beautiful! I can;t wait to see what you create with them. Where did you get so many spectacular ornaments! Wow! I would never part with those! Happy spring ahead!

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      1. What is the country living fair? Do you display your creations there? It is like Christmas all year long for you. I love your vintage ornaments. Was left a few from my mom. Most didn’t survive! I would love to go to the fair. You are very gifted with creativity. Hope you enjoying the snow!

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      2. Mari, if you go to you can see all about the Country Living Fairs. They are fantastic. I have also written several blog pieces about them – you could use the Search tool on this site. I am scheduled to be at all 4 this year, including one in the Hudson Valley, NY. I not only bring my Christmas stuff but my greeting cards, photography, and some collectibles, too. Hope to see you there!


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