Wednesday Waterpainting

Old-Time Christmas

Old-Time Christmas in Watercolor


9 thoughts on “Wednesday Waterpainting

    • What you mean these very ones? Or ones you make? Yes, you can! I have printed a couple – in small size. Using Waterlogue. Some of the images are pretty cool – others not so. I really like this one.


      • I love this one… can sell them girlfriend! I wanted to print out some of my doggie and kittie. I was going to have some artwork of them done, but it’s so expensive. I just need to research how to print the pictures….


      • can you use the app on your computer? i thought it was just on your phone for instagram photos!?


  1. Gray – they do not have the app for computer yet but say they are working on it. Right now, it is a bit of a pain to transfer files between several places to make it work. . Kind of like: out it goes and then it comes back again.


  2. That is a great app. It’s called Watercolor for iPhone? It looks beautiful! I thought you’d painted this, and I was very impressed until I read the comments. I love your St. Paddy’s Day wreath also. 🙂


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