“Santa’s Greeting” Wreath from Glittermoon Vintage Christmas

Santa’s Greeting
A fun wreath in traditional Christmas reds & greens with white & silver accents, this wreath features a large vintage dancing/waving Santa, an adorable “brick” Putz cottage, a white reindeer, a cool 1960‘s corsage, and lots of gorgeous old glass ornaments and other
treasures from Poland, Germany, & the USA. Approx. 17″ diameter not including drippy bits. Comes with its own storage bag. $175 SOLD

8 thoughts on ““Santa’s Greeting” Wreath from Glittermoon Vintage Christmas

  1. Stuff like this makes my blood boil. I call it …” how to destroy vintage items in five minutes or less all with hot glue. Shame on people lik eyou.


    1. Dear “Me,”
      I am sorry you feel this way. I actually happen to love – and collect – the old vintage ornaments and feel this is a nice way to save and display them. People tell me all the time that they are “afraid” to use their old ornaments and are happy to have them – along with the precious memories that go with them – preserved for them in a wreath or centerpiece. That being said, I do have certain parameters that I use regarding just what I will – or will not – use in one of my pieces. Cackie


    2. “Me” is a little grumpy I think….
      I feel that the displays are tasteful & beautiful…..

      What would u suggest?
      Leave the beautiful ornaments in a box stuck away somewhere…not to be enjoyed & treasured? Or placed on tree where they might fall off & break?


    1. Hi, Melina!
      How very nice! Sadly, I do not have any at the moment and have not commenced making for 2019 but I should be back in my workshop pretty soon. Please keep your eye on this site as well as my Facebook page and Instagram account. You will most likely see new things there first! Best wishes, Cackie


  2. I love this idea. We have lots of ornaments from when my bothered and I were young. I think this is a wonderful way to display them as opposed to keeping stored. I’m not concerned about the monetary value but rather the sentimental.

    My mom has a lot of broaches and other costume jewelry i’m hoping to turn into a wreath


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